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:. How to encrypt the file before sending it


If you are a circlemaker and you want to publish your encrypted formation, you need to put that information into an electronic graphic file. If you want to skip these details you can go directly to A step-by-step guide to create YEF otherwise you can proceed your reading; below you will find anyway the step-by-step guide.

We strongly suggest to use only a graphic file format choosen between JPG or GIF. Please, avoid any other kind of file, they are not standard in the internet world (JPG and GIF are viewable by everybody) and they could contain hidden personal information related to you, your PC name and so on.

The most important thing is that you must provide us with all information in order to let everybody identify without any doubt your formation once you reveal the password.
For this reason we suggest you to create a graphic file (JPG, GIF) with the graphic representation of what you intend to create.
Feel free to fill in this free template and to encrypt it into the same rar file together with the graphical file (JPG, GIF) of your formation. This could help for instance to specify the nation where you're going to make the circle (UK, Italy...), the region (Wiltshire...), whatever information you want to give, also the name of your team.

Please, keep in mind that we will not publish password of YEF containing offenses or things we should consider not compliant with our objective.

All you need to do is download and install the latest version of WinRAR:

Download WinRAR

Once you installed WinRAR you will be able:

  • to compress your file(s) and
  • to encrypt it with a password (AES-128 bit)
  • to send it to our mail address:

RAR archives can be encrypted by the strong AES-128 bit standard.
Please refer to the WinRAR Help Manual for further information about the software.
We accept only files compressed and encrypted with WinRAR.

Download this free template if you want to add more information to your crop circle.

WinRAR can also be downloaded from here.

:. A step-by-step guide to create YEF


If you want to send YEF and you are not expert with WinRAR, follow these guidelines to compress and encrypt your file.

Step 1) Create a folder and put your graphic file inside:


Step 2) If you want, you can put in the same folder a text file with additional information:


Step 3) Click the Key symbol (bottom-left, red circle) to open the password dialog:


Note: also if you press ctrl-p or if you choose from menu File=>Password you will open the password dialog.

Step 4) Flag the two check-box (bottom-left, red circle), type your password in the "Enter password" field and click the OK button:


Step 5) Now you can see that the Key symbol is switched on because you set your password (left-bottom, red circle):


Step 6) Select the file(s) you are going to 'compress & encrypt' and click the "Add" button (red circle):


Step 7) In the "Archive name" field decide your RAR filename (red circle) and click the OK button:


Step 8) You obtained yef_and_infos.rar (YEF) file containing the JPG and TXT files compressed and encrypted:


Step 9) To check that your RAR file (YEF) is really encrypted with your password, exit WinRAR and (if rar extension is associated to WinRAR) double-click YEF to launch automatically WinRAR. If rar extension is not associated to WinRAR (but it is associated to Winzip for instance) you should right-click YEF and select one of the options in the red box below:



After WinRAR start, you will be shown a password dialog; fill in with different passwords in order to check that only your password is able to unlock YEF. Try your password and check that you can see your encrypted file(s).

Step 10) You are now ready to send us YEF to our mail address:

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