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:. A quick overview: Project background


One of the most important questions about crop circles is the following one:

  • Is it possible to distinguish a "genuine" crop circle from a man-made crop circle?

Since the early '80s many crop circle experts claimed this ability, but over the years their expertiese was called into question. Several times it was proven these experts were promoting man-made formations as "genuine".

Over the years some people tried to use scientific methods in order to give an objective answer to this crucial question, but also this approach led to the same conclusion:

  • no objective method is able to distinguish an alleged "genuine" from a man-made crop circle

The problem behind this question is due to the fact that, for several reasons, people making circles never claim to be the author.
So, once a formation is found, noboby can tell if that formation was man-made or not.

:. Circlemakers make Circles!

We don't want to say that 100% of the circles are all man-made; some expert said that 80% are man-made while 20% not, but this is not what we want to claim.
Objectively circlemakers are real, circlemakers really exist and year after year they make circles all over the world.
This cannot be ignored or disregarded.

Let's give the circlemakers the opportunity to prove it.

This project wants to give an ultimate solution to the following question:

  • is it possible to tell if a specific formation is man-made or not without revealing the authors?
  • how can it be guaranteed that crop circle researchers could pronounce on a specific formation without knowing in advance if it is man-made?
  • how can it be guaranteed that circlemakers could tell with no doubt that a specific formation is 100% man-made without revealing their identities?
  • how can be revealed that a specific formation is absolutely man-made obtaining the total agreement from the researchers side and the circlemakers side?

The Circle Vault Project has an answer to this!

©2005 CIRCLE VAULT Team  

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